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Hair Extensions

If you are looking for longer and/or thicker natural looking hair, please call to schedule or click the link above to schedule your hair extension consultation.

Bellami Hair Extensions
Luxury Service customized to your individual needs and lifestyle

Volume Weft           Requires Consultation
Thick weft of hair that is sewn into natural hair to add length and thickness
Flex Weft                 Requires Consultation
Thin weft of hair that is sewn into natural hair to add length and thickness
i-Tip                         Requires Consultation
Individual extensions install with a small bead to add length, fullness, or even pops of color
k-Tip                        Requires Consultation
Individual extensions applied with adhesive by bonding the natural hair to the wefts
Tape In                     Requires Consultation
Weft of hair that is applied with adhesive by bonding the natural hair to the wefts


Q) How long do they stay in?

A) Bellami Hair Extensions stay in your hair and grow out with your natural hair. They stay in until you have them removed or moved up.

Q) How often do they need moved up?

A) This is based on how fast your natural hair grows and the type of Bellami Hair Extensions you get. Consult your stylist for more information.

Q) How long does the Bellami Hair Extensions last?

A) Bellami Hair Extensions, if taken care of properly, the hair itself can last up to a year depending on the type you get. Consult your stylist for more information.

Q) Can I still color my hair with Bellami Hair Extensions in?

A) YES! You can definitely still have your hair colored while you have extensions! You will just maintain the color you that is matched up to your hair extensions.

Q) Can I have my Bellami Hair Extensions taken out for a period of time, then have them put back in?

A) Yes, you can definitely have your Bellami Hair Extensions removed and put back in at any point as long as the Bellami hair is still in good condition.

Q) How do I know what type of Bellami Hair Extensions to get?

A) During your consultation with your stylist, she will go over how often you wash and style your hair, what you like to do to style your hair, if you like to pull your hair up, back, braid, etc. These are some of the questions she will ask to make the best decision for you.

Q) What kind of products can I use on my Bellami Hair Extensions?

A) Ballami recommends using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, heat protectants, and oil. Ask you stylist what Redken and Matrix products that would be best for you in your Hair Extensions mesh shower caddy bag.

Q) How do I wash my hair with Bellami Hair Extensions?

A) You want to make sure you scrub and cleanse your scalp. Make sure you use a raking motion or a zigzag pattern to scrub your scalp. You can also section your hair and wash portions at a time if that is easier. DO NOT put your hair in a ball on top of your head. DO NOT use circular motions when washing scalp.

Q) How often do I was my hair and Bellami Hair Extensions?

A) Bellami recommends you wash 2-3 times a week. After your initial install, you cannot wash your hair for 3 days. You can use dry shampoo in between washes.

Q) How do I brush my Bellami Hair Extensions?

A) You will get a Bellami brush in your Take Home Care Kit. When brushing just hold your hair at the top, start brushing your tangled out from the bottom and work your hair up

Q) Are Bellami Hir Extensions hard to take care of and style?

A) You can style your hair as you normally would, straight or curly depending on the day. It may take a little longer to style since you have more hair, but otherwise they are very easy to manage and style.

Q) Are Bellami Hair Extensions heavy after being installed?

A) Bellami Hair Extensions are not heavy after being installed, you may feel them being a little heavier on your head when they are wet since you have more hair, but after being dried and styled you don't notice them being extra heavy.

Q) Do Bellami Hair Extensions hurt?

A) No, once install the hair extensions do not hurt your head.

Q) Do Bellami Hair Extensions hurt your head when you sleep?

A) No, you may feel them a little bit the first night, since it is something different, but after that you don't really notice them. Also, Bellami recommends that you sleep with your hair in a braid to prevent from getting overly knotted and tangled while you sleep. 

Q) How long does it take to install Bellami Hair Extensions?

A) Installing Bellami Hair Extensions changes and varies based on the type of hair extension you get and the amount you get. This can be discussed in more detail with your stylist during your consultation.

Q) Can I change my pops of color per season or event?

A) Yes, for example, you can easily add pops of red/wine color in for fall/winter and then add pops of blonde highlights for spring/summer.

Q) Can my Bellami Hair Extensions be colored or permed?

A) Yes, but this voids the warranty on your extensions.

Q) How much do Bellami Hair Extensions cost?

A) There is not a set price. Price is based on the type of application you get and how much hair you need. This is decided during a consultation with your certified Bellami stylist.

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